Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at Malvern College

Tuesday 19th September 2017
9:30 - 17:15


It is publicly acknowledged that our mental health is of paramount importance to our overall wellbeing, and that critical to this are the relationships we form and the support we receive during what can be the most challenging stage of our development - adolescence. Particularly crucial are the early years in education where underlying problems may elude teachers and where problems arise in class. We will discuss how to work towards a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing with practical solutions.

In a world that judges us by how we look, what we eat and what we are able to achieve, including our performance in examinations, huge pressure is exerted on individuals to make the grade. This conference will look at issues like body image, mental health and, and self-esteem. We seek an antidote to stress and anxiety that will encourage in children a strong mental disposition that will stand them in good stead into their adult lives.

Speakers from Malvern College

Tom Newman, Course Organiser, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Elect

Tom graduated from Exeter and Cambridge University and has worked at four Independent Boarding Schools including Malvern College where he joined as a Housemaster in 2007. As well as being a Housemaster he teaches Chemistry and has a passion for high standards in pastoral care. He recognises the importance of equipping children with the resources that enable them to build resilience and to communicate openly about issues that are of concern to them.

Tom taught a ‘Wellbeing’ programme at a previous school and feels that, in a fast moving world, where children have to make an enormous number of choices, the importance of mindfulness and mental health awareness have never been more important. Tom will open the conference and will be available throughout the day.

Penny Bijl, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Penny Bijl joined Malvern College as a Learning Support teacher but is an English teacher as well. She became Head of Learning Support, then Head of Lower School and, since 2012, has been the Designated Safeguarding Lead which now takes most of her time.

She has degrees in English and in Psychology of Education and, at Cambridge University, worked for a time in the brain injury unit at Addenbrookes Hospital doing research into aphasic language disorders.

The Self-Esteem Team

The Self-Esteem Team travel the UK working with children on mental health, body image and self-esteem and also deliver parent workshops and teacher training. They understand first hand the challenges our younger generation face today and to date The Self-Esteem Team have worked with 70,000 teens in 300 schools (and counting).


Conference details  

At this conference Malvern will be supported by The Self-Esteem Team who have worked with 70,000 teenagers in over 300 schools around the country. Their work includes a programme for younger children, acknowledging that strategies to manage mental health are increasingly in place at primary and preparatory schools.

Speakers from Malvern College’s pastoral staff and members of The Self-Esteem Team will work with delegates to allow questions and answers on different topics that include the transition to senior school. The programme will comprise lectures and introductory talks that raise various topics that can be discussed in workshops. Practical advice will be offered on how problems can be solved or mitigated and how whole school strategies can provide the framework within which they can be identified and dealtwith swiftly.

Places are limited so early booking is advised. For more information please contact Tom Newman:

e: [email protected]
t: 01684 581 500


9.30 - Registration and coffee

9.50 - Welcome by the Headmaster of Malvern College, Antony Clark, and Course Organiser, Tom Newman, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Elect

10.00 - Keynote speaker: Grace from The Self-Esteem Team

11.00 - Break

11.30 - The importance of the transition from primary and preparatory school to senior school, Sarah Angus, Senior Deputy Head Pastoral at Malvern College

12.15 - Safeguarding at Malvern, Penny Bijl, Designated Safeguarding Lead at Malvern College

13.00 - Lunch in the Gryphon Room

14.00 - Series of workshops and talks run by The Self-Esteem Team

17.00 - Closing notes: Tom Newman

17.15 - Depart

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