Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference

Tuesday 27th September 2016
9.00am - 4.45pm

Speakers from Malvern College and ClearMinds Education will explore the issues that affect the mental health of children and will suggest some practical strategies that can be put into place to improve children’s confidence, their self-esteem and their ability to deal with stress. We will encourage delegates to consider what changes could be made in their own schools to positively enhance the mental wellbeing of pupils and teachers.

A programme of presentations and workshops will cover:

  • Pupil wellbeing and their protection from harm
  • why mental health and wellbeing should be a priority in schools for younger children as well as children in senior schools
  • the key causes of mental health problems that develop in the early years
  • the importance of developing emotional resilience in young people
  • the impact of developmental and learning ‘labels’ on the children to whom they are attached
  • how to create a mental health aware culture in your school
  • how important it is to have good communication with your senior schools.

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