Michael Gove: Ofsted should inspect all private schools

The Telegraph, 08/05/2014: Graeme Paton reports on controversial comments by Michael Gove that independent schools should be inspected by Ofsted "to make sure fee-paying education is held to the highest possible standards". The Education Secretary said the watchdog should have direct responsibility for all schools in England insisting the move would send a “very powerful signal” to parents that every school in the country is being vetted “without fear or favour”.

Gove's comments came as he spoke at the Brighton Education Conference 2014 at Brighton College. Richard Cairns, Head of Brighton College, is quoted: ""I think that there would many in the independent sector who would object on the grounds that they would worry that they're being inspected by people coming from very different educational worlds... The ISI focus hugely on the world beyond the classroom and Ofsted does that to a lesser extent and I suspect there would be some negative reaction to that."

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