We must help our students to harness digital tools in a positive way

In a blog, 29/01/15, HMC member Paul Sanderson, Head of Bloxham School responds to a recent TES article (20.02.15) saying that schools must be ‘privileged places’ that give students time and space away from being bombarded with ‘data and technology’.

Indeed, schools do provide a special place for young people, not least because they offer a safe – and private - haven in which to make, and learn from, mistakes which can then be avoided later in life (when the consequences may be greater, and public). Our job as educators is to prepare young people with the skills they need to succeed in life. Therefore, I believe that to protect them from exposure to technology and social media is to deprive them of a core part of their education. Instead of shying away from digital tools, we must help our students to harness them in a positive way.

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