NEW blog on exam marking: ‘Customer Services’ by Chris Ramsey, The King’s School Chester

In his blog, 27/09/15, Chris Ramsey, Co-Chair of HMC/GSA Universities Sub-Committee and Head of The King's School, Chester, talks about exam re-marking. 

Imagine saying to a class ‘here are your marks, but I’m not showing you the papers to illustrate how I arrived at them’. Imagine any complaints procedure in what people sometimes call the ‘real world’ which refused to question a manager’s judgment except on the basis of procedure, and which denied the plaintiff access to the evidence.

So here’s an idea. It’s not original: it was my son’s. Why can’t every public exam candidate get, with their results, their scanned scripts? All the papers and sample materials will be available anyway, and we could all see how good a job examiners do. With their mass-scanning centres and technology.  I am sure boards could do it, and should want to, in the interests of showing off what they are always telling us is a good job done.

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