Following the announcement today by Lord Agnew at the Schools Together annual conference of a new fund to help independent schools, state schools and universities share expertise and resources, Mike Buchanan, HMC Executive Director, commented:

Collaborating and working alongside other schools and sharing expertise is a well-evidenced way of improving teaching, learning and assessment in schools to the benefit of children and young people. Hence, it’s a positive step by the government to invest in this important area.

 Every HMC school collaborates in one of more partnerships with state schools covering areas as diverse as shared teaching or coaching for applying for university to joint arts projects. These partnerships have a positive impact on the lives of 1,000s of children and young people in state and independent schools.

 Independent schools in general, and HMC schools in particular, are a vital and integral part of education in the UK; they are demonstrable beacons of excellence in many areas. It’s encouraging that the government recognises this by supporting continuing collaboration.