Nottingham High welcomes girls for first time

Independent Education Today, 09.07.15 ,forty-two girls will join the sixth form of HMC member school Nottingham High in September after attending an induction day. HMC member Kevin Fear, headmaster of the school is quoted

For the first time in the school’s 502-year history, Nottingham High School will admit girls with effect in the sixth form, Reception, year one and year two from September 2015. Girls can join year seven and any other years in September 2016.

The school’s recent induction day gave the students the chance to meet each other and have an introduction to sixth form life.  It also included an orienteering exercise around the school and a careers profiling session.

“The induction days went extremely well and the students seemed to really enjoy themselves,” said Kevin Fear, headmaster of Nottingham High School.  “We are delighted that we will have such a strong sixth form intake of both boys and girls in September and we look forward to welcoming them.”

Zara Barnes (16), who will join the school in September, said: “I’m excited to be one of the first girls to experience the opportunities that Nottingham High School offers. It’s an exciting change and I’ve appreciated how welcoming and friendly everyone has been. I really like the feel and the atmosphere here, it’s an amazing school.”

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