Ofqual’s initial report into further safeguards on teacher involvement in exam question setting: HMC response

14 December 2017
Posted by HMC Press Office

The exam regulator Ofqual today (December 14) published its initial response to the question of further safeguards relating to teacher involvement in exam question setting. Click here to view the report. This follows the Education Select Committee hearing on Nov 28 at which Chair Rob Halfon requested a review.


Chris King, Chair of HMC and Head of Leicester Grammar School said:

"HMC understands the need for complete fairness and probity in setting and marking exams and has campaigned for some years to improve quality assurance in the exam system.

“At the same time it is important to keep a sense of perspective. Teachers make the best examiners as they understand the subject and the pupils. Also, the very rare instances of exam malpractice amongst teachers were dealt with swiftly and effectively by the heads of the schools concerned, who informed all the relevant authorities.

“We agree that proportionate measures to ensure confidence in the system, such as ensuring teachers who set questions cannot know which ones will come up in the exam papers, is desirable. However, any changes must be careful not to risk undermining the integrity of teachers and thereby stopping them from doing the considerable additional work involved in becoming an examiner.”