Paralympic games success for HMC alumni

Congratulations to the 7 athletes educated at HMC schools, who won 9 medals at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Gold Medals:

  • Swimming
    • Hannah Russell (Mount Kelly) - 50m freestyle S12 swimming
    • Hannah Russell (Mount Kelly) - 100m backstroke S12 swimming
    • Michael Jones (Mount Kelly) - 400m freestyle S7 swimming
    • Claire Cashmore (Mount Kelly) - 4 x 100m swimming medley

Silver Medals:

  • Athletics:
  • Swimming:
    • Claire Cashmore (Mount Kelly) - 100m breaststroke SB8 swimming
    • Lauren Steadman (Mount Kelly) - Paratriathlon PT4

Bronze Medals:

  • Swimming:

Congratulations to all medal winners and athletes educated at HMC schools who competed in the Rio 2016 Paralympic games.