Participation in sport: sharing a living tradition

13 July 2015
Posted by Heidi Salmons
Steffan Griffiths, Norwich School, considers what the recent HMC sports survey means for young people and...

Michael Johnson British Olympian and now Director of Hockey at King Edward’s School Birmingham, explains how sport fits into his vision of education.

There can be little doubt that the figures from the recent HMC sports survey make for impressive reading: pupils in our schools do a lot of sport, they do it well and it helps to make them successful in other areas.

In March 2015 HMC released the results of a detailed survey of sport in 169 of its schools.

  • During 2014/15 each school on average allocated between five and six hours per week to sport.
  • They offered 43 different team sports to girls and 38 to boys.
  • On average, each school had:
    - over 100 house teams for girls and over 150 house teams for boys (reflecting the ratio of boys to girls in the schools);
    - 41 pupils representing their county;
    - 8 pupils representing their country.
  • Boys and girls maintained a strong interest in sport from age 11 to 18, with inter-school fixtures peaking in the final year before university.

To read more, see the June 2015 issue of HMC's Insight magazine.