Peter Hamilton on BBC Radio 5 live discussing league tables

BBC Radio 5 live, 29/01/15, Peter Hamilton, Chairman of HMC's Academic Policy Sub-Committee and Headmaster of  Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School appeared on the ‘Five live Drive’ programme with Tony Livesey to discuss league tables and IGCSEs.

"The reason why we do these courses is because they are academically and intellectually challenging and that is what we want. Talk about manipulation, talk about changing the goal posts halfway through. I'm really rather surprised that people take the league tables as they are at the moment with any level of seriousness. I tell you the reason why, we and many many schools both in the independent and maintained sector choose IGCSEs quite simply because they are best for the pupils, best for the teaching staff we have and best for the parents and we do get the results."

"Parents should be looking at outcomes they should be looking at the university destinations they should be looking at pastoral care and the way in which their children integrate. They should be looking at a whole host of areas including the extra-curricular programmes not just the academic programmes and more fundamentally the quality of the relationships there are within schools. Schools are so much more complex than a DfE led league table that tries to tell a story that the government would have us listen to."

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