Private school graduates ‘out-earn state counterparts’

BBC News Online, 30/10/14, UK graduates who went to private schools earn thousands of pounds more, on average, than their state-educated peers, research finds.

The study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies says the pay gap is more than £4,500 a year, raising questions over education's impact on social mobility.

It says the privately educated are more likely to attend elite universities and study subjects that lead to higher pay.

Ministers say reforms are closing the gap between rich and poor.

The researchers gathered data from a cohort of more than 200,000 graduates who completed their undergraduate degree at a UK university in 2007.

They compared the wages - six months and three-and-a-half years after graduation - of those who sat their A-levels at a state school with those who went to a fee-paying school.

The researchers found that, of those who were in work three-and-a half years after graduation, those who had been to a private school were earning, on average, £28,592 - £4,548 more than the average salary for state school graduates (£24,044).

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