Peter Hamilton, of HMC, says ‘independent schools are not helping their students to game the system’

15 August 2017
Posted by HMC Press Office

Private Schools have recently been accused of helping students to 'game to system', to increase the likelihood of their students being offered an Oxbridge place. Figures compiled by social mobility charity the Sutton Trust have shown that the prevalence of privately educated students in Cambridge and Oxford's least popular subjects, such as classics, music and modern language is much higher than that of its State School rivals.

Peter Hamilton, of HMC, has argued that this is due to the Independent Schools being "fortunate to be able to offer students an exceptional wide choice of A-levels", and so Independent Schools are not helping their students to 'game the system', but are simply better equipped in teaching these subjects at A-level, making them a more popular choice to be studied at Undergraduate level from Independent School students, opposed to those who joined Oxbridge with a State School background.

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