Private schools share sports facilities with local communities and comprehensives

The Independent, 05.07.15, highlights several HMC member schools who share their sports facilities with local communities and comprehensives as part of the wide range of partnership activities they undertake each year. Tonbridge School, Sevenoaks School, Bedales, Eton College, Harrow, Charterhouse and Millfield and feature.

Tonbridge School, Kent

Holds a free annual community sports day which allows 900 local state school students to use Tonbridge School’s Olympic-standard facilities. The school says it also offers free specialist coaching to promising state school students and notes that Lord Moynihan praised its community role in a BBC Radio 4 interview in 2013.

Sevenoaks School, Kent

Sevenoaks says it operates a large sports outreach programme which allows local state schools and groups to use its facilities. It also offers coaching for local schools, often at Sevenoaks’ expense.

Eton (fees: £35,000)

Eton sponsors a neighbouring state boarding school, Holyport College, and “does [its] best” to ensure that sporting facilities are available to Holyport pupils free of charge as long as “fee-paying pupils are not short-changed”. Eton also allows state school students to use its rowing lake.

Bedales School, Hampshire (fees: £33,000)

Bedales offers its sporting facilities to a number of local state schools, either free of charge or for a reduced rate. Steep Primary School makes regular use of Bedales’ swimming pool free of charge and Bedales holds an annual Memorial Fund cricket match that involves state students.

Harrow School, Middlesex (fees: £36,000)

Harrow’s sports facilities, including its athletics track, sports centre and tennis courts, are used extensively by local schools and community groups, and the school’s timetable is managed to allow this.

Charterhouse School, Surrey (fees: £34,000)

Charterhouse offers local state primaries football coaching on Mondays at its sports centre, as well “fives” training for a neighbouring state school at its courts. These are provided free of charge.

Millfield School, Somerset (fees: £34,000)

In addition to opening its facilities up to local sports teams, Millfield offers its facilities to the Somerset Activity Sports Partnership, accommodating 42 schools and 1,300 pupils who compete in the Somerset Primary School Games. Millfield also hosts an annual Mencap Day which makes its sports facilities available to about 800 people with learning disabilities.

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