Pupils from private schools are tightening their grip on places at top universities

In an article in the Telegraph, 08/08/13, Graeme Paton reports on figures released showing the success independently educated students in gaining places at top universities.

Official figures show that almost two-thirds of A-level students from the independent sector went on to Britain’s leading institutions in 2010/11 compared with less than a quarter of those from the state system.

In 2010/11, an estimated 86 per cent of pupils from English independent schools progressed on to any university course compared with 70 per cent of those from the state education system – a 16 percentage point gap.

According to figures, 64 per cent of students from independent schools went on to “the most selective” universities in 2010/11, – the third of institutions with the highest entry requirements. This includes Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London and other members of the Russell Group - compared with 24 per cent from state schools – a 40 percentage point gap.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Business said: "We want everyone with the desire and talent to be able to study at university, irrespective of their background."

By Graeme Paton, The Telegraph. Click here to read the article © The Telegraph.