Regulator urges rethink of GCSE reforms

Ministers should rewrite their plans for reforming school qualifications, according to the exams regulator, which has sent a scathing letter to ministers about their policy for replacing GCSE exams.

In September Michael Gove, the education secretary, set out proposals to introduce the EBC exam to replace GCSEs from 2017. The EBC will have more emphasis on facts, as opposed to skills, and more essay questions.

But Glenys Stacey, the chief executive of Ofqual, wrote to ministers in mid-November urging them to slow the pace of reforms. She said that if the education department wanted to reform qualifications, it should delay plans to introduce de facto exam board monopolies.

In her letter, released on Wednesday, she expressed concerns “about introducing completely new qualifications and removing provider competition at the same time”. She advised “deferring market reform until EBCs are established”.

By Chris Cook, Financial Times. Click here to read the article  © Financial Times