Reinvigorating pupils’ love of languages

10 December 2014
Posted by Heidi Salmons
Insight (p8), November 2014, what to do when confronted with a challenge that other schools might envy - a strong surge in demand to study modern foreign languages?

Gus Lock and the MFL staff team at Warwick School, led by Lindsay Slack, explain

Three years’ ago, modern languages were in the doldrums at Warwick. A new, dynamic and zealous head of department, a moderate refurbishment and a sustained focus on getting it right in the classroom have reversed that decline.

Take-up has almost tripled with a total of 42 students taking a modern language at AS level, and the trend is set to continue. In Year 10, 86 pupils are taking French, 58 Spanish and, in the most remarkable turnaround, 27 German.

None of this would have happened without an exceptional staff team: Lindsay Slack, head of department, of French and of our German board game; Jane Estill, head of German and of our cookery club; and Jenny Wiltsher, head of Spanish.

See p8 of issue 3 of Insight where they explain how the turnaround has occurred.