Research identifies the 40 ‘jobs of the future’ in bid to inspire students

SecEd, 08/01/15, The 40 “careers of the future” – rewarding jobs offering opportunities for progression, personal development and good pay – have been identified in a new report.

The paper from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) looks in-depth at 12 of the roles (see infographic below) in a bid to give young people an idea of what they might expect from such careers.

The report also includes a fuller list of key statistics for 100 “top jobs” and offers advice to young people for further research about their career options.

The publication has been compiled using recent occupational research and analysis of the UK jobs market to try and discern which professions and careers will be “crucial over the next decade”.

The 10 sectors covered by the top 40 jobs are:

  • Agriculture (jobs include farming).
  • Business and finance (jobs include project managers, financial analysts, chartered accountants).
  • Construction (jobs include architects, carpenters, heating engineers).
  • Education (jobs include teaching, school leadership).
  • Health and care (jobs include doctors, dentists, nursing).
  • Information technology (jobs include programmers, software developers, web designers).
  • Protective services (jobs include police officers).
  • Science, engineering and technology (jobs include mechanical engineers, physical scientists).
  • Manufacturing, installation and maintenance (jobs include electricians, metal workers, pipe fitters).
  • Transport and logistics (jobs include aircraft pilots, ship officers, train drivers).

Included in the list of education roles are careers as a secondary school teacher, teaching assistant, primary school teacher, nursery educator and school leader.

For each of the 12 in-depth focuses, the report looks at how many people are in the profession, how many job openings there will be in the coming years, starting and average salaries, and average working hours.

In his foreword to the report, Sir Charlie Mayfield, chairman of UKCES and also the John Lewis Partnership, said the careers listed in the report would provide “exciting job opportunities in the years ahead”.

He adds: “This guide is intended to assist those helping young people make these important career decisions. For parents, teachers and careers advisors, we hope this publication will help highlight a number of jobs that offer fantastic opportunities to young people making these decisions.

“Reviewing the document you will notice that in our knowledge-intensive economy that high-skilled jobs are more important than ever. But getting into these jobs isn’t just about going to university. It’s important to consider other pathways that offer the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’ in the workplace, such as Apprenticeships.”

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