Richard Harman on BBC Radio 4 PM Programme defending A levels

BBC Radio 4, 04/05/15, Richard Harman, Chairman of HMC and headmaster of Uppingham School appeared on the PM programme with Eddie Mair to defend A levels following reports from PricewaterhouseCoopers that they are to stop using A-levels grades as a way of selecting graduate recruits.

"I don’t think ignoring A levels is fair, especially for students across UK revising hard at the moment and this might confuse them and their parents who have been told how important these exams are at a crucial time."

"It seems to me A levels are a way of capable youngsters being able to access the next stage of their education and form part of their track record and history. It is only one part, but to characterise them as a barrier is unhelpful to our exam system. I think what we need to be thinking about of course is spreading improvements across the entire school system so that all students can access the best possible futures and we are all signed up to that."

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