Sam Price letter to the Telegraph: New school networks

The Telegraph, 19.11.16 HMC member Samantha Price, Headmistress of Benenden School writes on new school networking opportunities.

SIR – It is probably true that privately educated men enjoy a continued advantage in the workplace through the “old boys’ network”.

However, as the headmistress of a girls’ school, I would like to suggest that this is changing. Today former pupils from a myriad of professions can offer invaluable advice, work experience and internships. Our most recent initiative has been the introduction of a university mentoring scheme, whereby former pupils will act as mentors for first-year undergraduates at the same university.

Networking opportunities such as these will be extended to the students at our partner school, The John Wallis Academy. It is our hope that in the future a post-school network of support will be available to all young people, regardless of their gender or socioeconomic background.

Samantha Price 
Headmistress, Benenden School
Benenden, Kent