School joins ‘clean sport’ anti-doping scheme

BBC News, 02.02.16, a leading independent school in Somerset has signed up for an anti-sports-doping accreditation scheme, the first time a school in the UK has sought this official "clean sport" status. HMC member school Millfield features.

UK Anti-Doping ensures sports bodies comply with international anti-doping regulations.

It now offers accreditation to sports played in schools and universities.

The head of sport at Millfield, the first school to join the scheme, said it would support the "right choices".

A spokeswoman for the anti-doping agency said there was not a problem with doping in school sport, but it was important to get the message across to young athletes.

The independent school has joined the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) Accreditation Scheme, which will lead to the school gaining "clean sport accredited status".

The accreditation process will involve training for staff and students to promote a "clean" approach to competition and discourage the use of banned substances.

It will cover areas such as nutrition, physiotherapy and strength and conditioning.

Junior athletes taking part in competitions are covered by anti-doping regulations and can face doping tests.

UKAD is the national body that ensures sports, including Olympic and professional, follow the World Anti-Doping Code.

Chief executive Nicole Sapstead said signing up schools would help young athletes to "make the right choices and compete clean".

She said engaging with schools was a way to ensure athletes received the right advice at the earliest stage of their sporting careers.

David Faulkner, Millfield's director of sport, said schools had a duty to teach young people about such aspects of sport.

"As educators, we must all take responsibility to give young athletes the tools to make the right choices for their sporting development both now, and as adults," he said.

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