School links are so much more than ‘crumbs’

The Times, 23/09/14, HMC Heads Kieran McLaughlin, Durham School and Julian Thould, King Edward VI School, Southampton write in response to Janice Turner (“Public schools must learn the meaning of charity”, Sept 20)


At Durham School we have a large number of pupils in receipt of financial aid to enable them to attend, and significantly more than the 5 per cent seemingly required by the Charity Commission. For a private school parent, Ms Turner seems remarkably uninformed about the sector, the benefit of whose services her offspring enjoyed.

Kieran McLaughlin
Headmaster, Durham School



The real issue for many in state schools is the relentless pressure from Ofsted to focus on achievement targets. Many state schools would relish the chance to be more involved with independent schools at a wider level but struggle to justify the time within a crowded curriculum unless everything can be served up to an inspection team on a platter of measurability. To paraphrase a past colleague: “Ofsted seem to believe that you can fatten a pig just by weighing it.”

Julian Thould
Head master, King Edward VI School, Southampton

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