School that scrapped GCSEs for its own version sees rise in Oxbridge places for pupils

In an article in the Daily Mail, 22/08/12, HMC's Keith Budge, Headmaster of Bedales School, talks about the success of the Bedales Assessed Courses.

A school that ditched GCSEs in favour of its own courses has seen a rise in the amount of Oxbridge places won by pupils.

Bedales school in Petersfield, Hampshire, has reported that their tailored courses had seen an improvement in A Level results too.

Headmaster Keith Budge said the new courses encouraged pupils to learn independently, while also handing back control over the content to the teachers, The Times said.

Mr Budge said the greatest impact had been on the children's learning at a crucial time in their educational development.

He said the course had re-invigorated the teenagers' desire to learn: 'It has engaged pupils in these middle years, which can be very dull.'

By Anna Edwards, Daily Mail. Click here to read the article © Daily Mail