Sevenoaks School leads the way in curriculum innovation by developing an alternative to GCSE’s

In an article in the Telegraph, 29/06/12, Katy Ricks, Headmistress of Sevenoaks School, comments the school's latest curriculum innovation, the 'Sevenoaks School Certificate'.

Mrs Ricks said the existing GCSE “was turning students off reading and thinking about literature in an imaginative and independent way”, adding: “It was making them jump through hoops, to have to answer low-level, dull questions that someone who is not really interested in literature has thought up.

"GCSEs, and even IGCSEs, have become an inadequate preparation for the sixth-form,” she said. “GCSEs are dull and uninspiring, and were invented for school leavers at 16."

"This summer, 16-year-olds completed the “Sevenoaks School Certificate” in English literature for the first time."

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