Sir Michael Wilshaw: Teachers leaving for classrooms abroad is “brain drain” on talent – HMC response

Chris King, Chair of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) and Headmaster of Leicester Grammar School said:

“In fact the country’s leading independent schools do a great deal to help both ‘Derby and Dubai’ and the number of teaching staff we employ abroad is tiny in comparison with the overall teaching population.

“Perhaps Mr Wilshaw is unaware of the recently-launched HMC Teacher Training programme, designed specifically to attract graduates who might not otherwise have considered teaching. Importantly, it offers candidates Qualified Teacher Status so they can work in the independent and state sectors.

“No one is saying it will create the perfect A* answer to the problem of teacher recruitment. However, this effort, alongside the million pounds a day spent on help with fees and the commitment to partnerships by virtually all our schools would suggest he is mistaken.”