Starting university? Top head teachers offer their advice

The Telegraph, 04.09.15, with your university futures now guaranteed, take a look at these words of wisdom from leading independent head teachers across the country as you finally get ready to start life as a fresher. HMC members Kieran McLaughlin, Dr John Hind and Philip Britton MBE feature.

Kieran McLaughlin
Headmaster of Durham School

QuoteBe yourself. Freshers Week can be frenetic, exciting, scary and bamboozling. Get involved with things old and new but have the confidence not to get swept along with a crowd. It can take time but you will find like-minded souls and friends that last a lifetime. Amid the social whirl, be disciplined with work – get a good start and invest time in your subject.



Dr John Hind
Head of Dame Allan's Schools

QuoteUniversity is a great opportunity, so commit to it fully – both to work and to the wider extra-curricular activities. Being busy is the best way to combat any homesickness. At the same time, be your own person; try to avoid following the crowd because it seems the right thing to do – some of the more excessive activities in Freshers Week are certainly best avoided.


Digital ImagePhilip Britton
Head of Bolton School

QuoteBe organised. Without parents or teachers nagging it really is now up to you – time for a diary and planning. Although spontaneity sounds good, you can get more fun and work done by planning your day.

Remember that you chose a course that you had an intellectual excitement for and wanted to study – sometimes that gets lost in the excitement of independence and life away from home. Enjoy your studies as well.

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