Tech Control Public Launch

4 October 2017
Posted by HMC Press Office

HMC and Digital Awareness UK have produced a ground-breaking video and lesson plans on digital addiction which they are sharing  with all schools.  The resources are part of their Tech Control campaign to help children use mobile devices healthily and wisely.

In the first instance they will be offered to schools via ASCL which represents 18,500 school and college leaders in the state sector.

The public launch took place on October 4 2017 at the HMC annual conference in Belfast. Chris King, Chair of HMC said:

“Mobile devices have become an integral part of life at school, work and play and parents, teachers and pupils need to work together to rewrite the rule book. HMC’s research on overnight phone use and attitudes to social media shows that children urgently need good advice to help create healthy online habits.

“Social media is here to stay and can be a force for good. Our aim is the empower young people to take control of how they want to use technology and we welcome the opportunity to offer teachers everywhere some new resources to help achieve that.”

Geoff Barton, General Secretary of ASCL: "We all know the pressures added to modern life by social media. Today’s HMC research shows just how challenging many young people are finding it. That’s why ASCL is delighted to endorse HMC’s ground-breaking work in this area, and to make the Tech Control resources available to all our members working in the full range of schools and colleges. Every child is likely to benefit from this guidance on how to regain a sense of control over modern technology and the apparently endless new demands social media can create."

Charlotte Robertson, co-founder of Digital Awareness UK said: “We are delighted to be a part of this important project. It will help us listen and respond to the needs of young people, who will ultimately decide the direction in which the digital industry moves.”


Lesson plans

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