Ten of the best value private schools in the UK

The Telegraph, 26.07.15, features several HMC member leading independent schools: Bradford Grammar SchoolGeorge Watson’s CollegeThe Glasgow Academy, The Manchester Grammar SchoolNottingham High SchoolReading Blue Coat SchoolSt Benedict’s School .

The term 'private education' tends to conjure up images of £30,000 a year institutions, only accessible to the financial elite. However, there are plenty of schools across the UK that offer top class education for a significantly more manageable price. Academically, most of these schools compete results wise with their more expensive counterparts, as well as offering much the same array of extra-curricular options and sporting prowess. Despite the lower fees, there are still generous bursaries and scholarships available at many of these options, and even two schools from London make the list.

The focus here is on day schools, and all of these come in at under £15,000 annually. This is a list rather than a top 10 countdown, and schools are spread across the country, with a mixture of boys', girls', and co-educational secondary schools.

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