The ultimate sleepover

In the Spring 2013 issue of Independent School Parent Magazine, Charlotte Philips talks to parents at some HMC schools about why boarding is an attractive option for them.

An increasing number of those families, these days, will be first time buyers, often where both parents work, drawn to the unbeatable combination of on-site activities, a first-rate education and wraparound childcare, with the added reassurance of knowing not just that their child is in safe hands but being encouraged to cultivate a sound work ethic in the process.

When her sons, day pupils at Trent College in Nottingham, asked if they could become weekly boarders, Rebecca Singleton , Marketing Director at supermarket chain Morrisons, became a convert - though not without some initial misgivings. "I was thinking I must be a bad parent because they wanted to board, and [was] concerned about how they'd be cared for. Within a matter of weeks, all those fears went away. It's a fantastic school...they're accessible and very caring and the boys have great fun." It leaves her and her husband free to concentrate on their jobs during the week. "By Saturday lunchtime, [my sons] are ready to the do the things normal families do."

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