A third of independent school pupils admitted on reduced fees – and all students should be encouraged to reach their potential

30 April 2018
Posted by HMC Press Office

Chris King, Chair of HMC and Head of Leicester Grammar School, said:

“It is right to look for ways to ensure students from all backgrounds can reach their potential. That’s why independent schools provide huge amounts of free teaching, advice and opportunities to children from state schools.

“It is not right, however, to assume that every pupil from an independent school comes from a privileged family or everyone from a state school is less well off. A third of all pupils at independent schools are admitted on reduced fees and 6,000 a year pay nothing because they cannot afford to. At the same time there are very many pupils at state schools from rich families.

“Inequality is serious but so is discriminating against any group of young job seekers. Doing so purely on the basis of which school they went to is highly unreliable.”

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