This House Believes That Oxford Admissions are Still Unfair

In a report by Rachel Goddard-Rebstein in The Oxford Student, 01/11/12, HMC's General Secretary, William Richardson's summary of the debate is cited.

In turn, the final opposition speaker William Richardson, General Secretary of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, made these ‘practical steps’ the central focus of his summary of the debate. He argued for a means of assessment that is independent of society’s problems rather than configured by it, an admissions process that focuses on ability rather than social background. Instead of simply shifting blame between universities and the school system or listing statistics to prove that inequality exists, the speakers took on the weighty task of finding solutions to longstanding problems. As a result, a debate that could easily have descended into a squabble over practicalities became an illuminating clash of ideals.

By Rachel Goddard-Rebstein, The Oxford Student. Click here to read the article © The Oxford Student