Top private school bids to sponsor academy

TES, 16/01/15, HMC member school, Haileybury has announced plans to sponsor a state-funded academy. HMC member Joe Davies, Master, Haileybury is quoted.

A leading independent school has announced plans to sponsor a state-funded academy. Haileybury in Hertfordshire said that, if the proposals were approved, it hoped to become sole sponsor of Turnford School in nearbty Cheshunt by September 2015. The partnership would follow 18 months of collaboration between schools, with Haileybury supporting Turnford with university applications and including pupils from the school in its Combined Cadet Force.

Joe Davies, master of Haileybury said: "Haileybury is delighted to support Turnford's ambition to become an academy school. By sharing our expertise and resources, we believe we can make a difference to Turnford pupils' achievements by helping them fulfil their academic potential."