Top pupils blighted by ‘shambles’ of A-level marking

Sunday Times, 04/05/2014: A group of leading independent schools (HMC) has warned that the A-level system is still blighted by a “shambles” of incompetent marking, unexplained swings in results and unfair treatment of pupils. The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC), which represents more than 250 fee-paying schools, has compiled a dossier on what it sees as the continuing failures of the exam system, to be presented at a conference this week.

It reveals that, after two years of complaints about inaccurate exam marking, the problems still affect thousands of A-level candidates each year. Some students have lost university places as a result. Head teachers fear the shortcomings could hit this summer’s exams as well. The article quotes HMC Chairman Tim Hands.

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