True Grit: Standing up to the 21st Century

The Sunday Times, 09/03/2014: A blog by Andrew Halls, headmaster at King's College School Wimbledon, has been published on the Parent Power area of The Sunday Times’ website. Andrew Halls writes: "In two weeks’ time, we shall be holding our “True Grit” conference at King’s on developing emotional resilience in schools. Within a week of our advertising it, we were sold out. Nearly 200 leading school head teachers and pastoral heads are attending. 

"Why has “personal resilience” struck such a chord? It is partly because we are openly discussing matters that some schools have been very reluctant to address before in any public forum. But it is also because so many of us have personal experience of someone we care about very much, either in the workplace, or within our families or friends, who has struggled to make sense of the world they are in..."

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