TV School Swap Brett takes place at Warminster School after scholarship offer

Western Daily Press, 08.09.15. one of the three pupils from a challenging inner-city school who took part in a 'school swap' TV documentary to spend a week at a top West private school has landed a place at the school permanently. HMC member Mark Mortimer, head of leading independent Warminster School is quoted.

Brett Riley, from Derby, joined Warminster School this week as a boarder, months after taking part in the ITV programme, after bagging a scholarship-funded place.

The 14-year-old volunteered to take part in the ITV documentary, which was filmed earlier this year and broadcast in late August. The programme, called 'School Swap: The Class Divide' saw three pupils and the headmaster of prestigious Warminster School spend a week at Bemrose School in Derby, before three pupils and the headteacher from Derby came to Wiltshire to spend a week at the £27,000 a year school.

Viewers saw how one of the pupils, Brett, loved his experience so much he said he wanted to stay.

After sharing a room in Boniface House at Warminster, he said: "This is good - I could actually get used to this. This is really fun. I am already enjoying this more than my school. That might sound bad."

Later on in the show, he said: "I thought everyone was going to be snobby and up themselves but they're really not. Yesterday everyone was like, 'You really do fit in here, you could come here and there'd be no difference between you and me,' so yeah I reckon I would survive."

The programme ended with Warminster School speculating that Brett could get a scholarship place at the school in Wiltshire, and leaving the teenager to mull over his future.

Now Warminster School has announced he has made his decision - and is joining the school this week as a boarder, 160 miles from his family and home in Derby.

The school said he joined with the 'full support' of Bemrose School and his place has been funded in part by The Springboard Bursary Foundation. Warminster's headmaster Mark Mortimer joined the new headteacher of Bemrose, Neil Wilkinson, visited Brett and his family in Derby last week to discuss the move and 'to help ensure it is as smooth as possible'.

"I am delighted – and so are the staff and pupils - that Brett is coming to Warminster School," said Mr Mortimer.

"As viewers of the recent 'School Swap' saw, he has a great deal of potential and will contribute much to the school community.

"Both schools, Brett and his family are very grateful for the widespread interest and support that the programme has generated, however, I am sure that people will understand that it is important that Brett is now allowed to focus on his education and adaptation to life as a boarder," he added.

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