UK school to open Thailand branch

Littlehampton Gazette, 06/01/15, more children are to be given a British-style education overseas with the announcement that another leading school, based in East Sussex, is to open a satellite campus in Thailand. HMC member school, Brighton College features.

Brighton College will follow independent schools including Harrow, Shrewsbury and Bromsgrove by opening a sister school in South East Asia.

The number of students aged from three to 18 enrolling into international schools has risen from 3.3 million in May 2013 to 3.6 million in May last year.

Experts say that parents hope a quality, English-speaking education will provide a gateway to helping secure their children a place at an English-speaking university.

Brighton College's sister school is set to open in August 2017 at Krungthep Kreetha, 15 minutes from the city centre near Bangkok International Airport.

The 16-acre campus, catering for 1,500 boys and girls aged from three to 18, will house a pre-prep, a prep school and a senior school.

Brighton College already has two campuses in Abu Dhabi and senior teachers are now planning to take the same curriculum taught in the UK to Thailand.

Headmaster Richard Cairns said: "What strikes me about Bangkok is that there is a huge demand for a school where children are genuinely inspired to be the best that they can possibly be.

"Of course, there are good schools in Bangkok but none seemed to combine both a happy atmosphere and a culture of success. And that is where we think we can make a difference.

"We have a track record to securing places at top UK and US universities that no other UK curriculum school in Thailand possesses.

"And we want to replicate that in Thailand for the benefit of both Thai and expatriate children."

He added: "We see ourselves as prepping children for the global realities of 2030, not 2015."

Last year saw a battle for places at the best international schools in several countries in Asia, including in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

And demand has soared in Singapore and Qatar, with potential also predicted in China if government restrictions are relaxed there, according to experts.

The 2014 International School Consultancy Group (ISC) said that within five years, there will be more than five million students around the world studying at international schools.

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