University admissions ‘discrimination’ – more controversy, facts, & a possible solution?

In a special report in the February 2013 issue of Independent Schools Magazine, Chris Ramsey, C0-chair of the HMC/GSA Universities Sub-Committee and Head of The King's School, Chester, writes further on the alleged bias against independent school students by university admissions departments following recent allegations from two independent school heads.

Oh dear. How ironic that, at a time when the independent sector should be celebrating success (a total of 75.9% of HMC/GSA candidates gaining offers for their applications in 2011, up from 72% in 2010) and demonstrating how important it is to us that all bright candidates get to top destinations, not just ours (we aren’t alone I take it at King’s Chester in planning a local conference for aspiring medics, aspiring lawyers and so forth), the PR seems to have turned, well, a bit sour. 

And I repeat: there is no evidence of discrimination against independently educated students, no evidence of a real systematic desire to operate differential offers, no reasons for fear.

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