University Clearing: AAB cap change to benefit top students this year

The Government's decision to lift restrictions on universities taking the brightest candidates could benefit up to 85,000 high-achieving students during Clearing, which begins this Thursday.

Students with grades AAB or higher could enjoy a wider range of degree options on competitive courses due to the changes, while students who score below the threshold are likely to be squeezed out of the race for higher education, experts have warned.

Universities and colleges can now recruit as many students achieving AAB A-level grades or higher (or equivalent qualifications) as they wish for programmes starting in September. Previously, students who achieved these grades fell within the general caps on the number of students each institution is permitted to admit.

Matthew Oakman, head of sixth form at independent school Wellington College, has told the Telegraph that leading Russell Group universities including Bristol, Exeter and Newcastle have indicated to schools that they will be using the admissions cap removal to increase their student numbers over the coming years.

By Jessica Moore and Andrew Marszal, The Telegraph. Click here to read the article © Telegraph