We have not found any evidence at all of any bias

In a special report in the February 2013 issue of Independent Schools Magazine, Kevin Fear, Head of Nottingham High School gives his view on recent allegations from two independent school heads bemoaning what they see as bias against independent school students by university admissions departments.

This issue is one which is debated endlessly in the press sadly without looking at the statistics of the situation in schools such as Nottingham High School. Thus, last year we were delighted on results day to find that over 81% of our students who applied for university secured places at their first choice. The fact that the vast majority of these are going to the best universities in the country makes this all the more impressive.

We monitor the situation carefully each year and have just not found any evidence at all of any bias against our candidates. Indeed, it would make no sense for there to be discrimination. 

Over 10% of the boys in each year group of our school receive some financial assistance and in a number of cases these are full bursaries. The government encourages us to pass its public benefit test by offering such bursaries so how can it make sense for these students to be discriminated against at university.

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