What do admissions tutors think of the social engineering of university places proposed by the Office for Fair Access?

In an article in the Telegraph, 02/10/12, Graeme Paton reports on comments made by admissions tutors during a higher education debate at the HMC Annual Conference 2012.

All of our top higher education institutions can show that they are straining every sinew to encourage more bright pupils from state schools to apply for their courses. But all are equally adamant that they will not set lower A-level grades for applicants from comprehensives than they do for private school entrants. To do that would, they protest, mean social engineering triumphing over academic excellence. And their universities stand or fall in a global market in higher education principally on the basis of academic excellence.

Christopher Ray, high master of Manchester Grammar School, also lent his weight to the argument, warning that proposed OFFA reforms could lead to “the replacement of one type of perceived unfairness with another”.

By Graeme Paton, Telegraph. Click here to read the article © The Telegraph