William Richardson on BBC Radio Manchester

HMC's General Secretary, William Richardson, appeared on BBC Radio Manchester's Drive Programme on 26/09/12 regarding the publication of HMC's Exams Report.

Speaking about the state of the examinations industry and specifically poor quality marking, inexplicable inconsistencies in the awarding of grades and the re-marks and appeals process, Dr Richardson said:

"Often our schools receive results that are quite often unbelieveable and so we have to appeal."  

"We surveyed our members to see how widespread the problem and  the problem is not confined to independent schools."

"We are saying to Michael Gove today that a lot of marking is pretty poor and we spend a lot of time appealing and we don't think we should have to do that work. We think that results should go out of the exam boards properly checked and accurate."

"We are aware that children will still be sitting GCSEs for next few years an want to ensure they are fair and we want to make sure they are as good as they can be. "

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