Dr. Sam Willis

Dr. Sam Willis - photo

Dr Sam Willis is one of the UK's best known historians and one of the world's leading authorities on maritime and naval history.

He began his professional life as a maritime historian and archaeologist and has written thirteen books on various aspects of maritime and naval history, most recently a trilogy of books on naval battle for Penguin Ladybird.

Sam has presented more than ten TV series for the BBC and National Geographic including The Silk Road, The Maritime Silk Road, Invasion! and Shipwreck: Britain's Sunken History.  He is also the presenter of the chart-topping podcast Histories of the Unexpected which is been turned into a book and a LIVE! show.

Sam now spends most of his time touring schools and theatres nationwide, changing the way that audiences young and old think about the past ... and the present.

When he is not writing about the sea he will be found in it, on it, or near it, usually near his home in Devon.