Drugs education – are you doing enough?

Simon Leigh - Addiction Therapy

Simon Leigh photoRecent figures have revealed that British teenagers are amongst the highest number of drug users in Europe.  Never has the need for drug education in schools been more urgent. This workshop will look at the statistics of the UK’s drug problem, the ever-changing drugs available and their ease of availability, the dangers associated with today’s drugs, the myths being circulated amongst teenagers about the safety of drugs and the different approaches to drug education adopted by schools.

Simon Leigh offers Drug Education to students, parents and staff in schools across the UK and Europe. Simon’s background is in treating Addictive Disorders and he has been both accredited by, and an examiner for, the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals (FDAP). He was the Treatment Director for a leading UK rehab facility before setting up a private practice in Harley Street, Central London. Simon has been in recovery from drug addiction for 16 years.  www.addictiontherapy.org.uk/school.html


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