Elke Edwards

Elke Edwards - photo

Elke Edwards is Founder and Creative Director of Ivy House.   She has spent the majority of her career founding and running Blue Sky, one of the leading executive development businesses in Europe.  Working with over 40% of the FTSE 100, across 37 different countries and winning 43 awards for their work, Blue Sky led the way in performance improvement and behavioural change. As well as running the business, she also worked directly as an executive coach to senior leaders and their teams, with clients such as RBS, Centrica, Virgin, BMW, KPMG, Linklaters, Barclays and the BBC.

Having sold the business to Capita in 2013, Elke and her team at Ivy House now focus all their efforts on working with future leaders, turning traditional leadership development on its head.  Through the Ivy House Programme, they work with emerging talent from a range of organisations such as Aviva, Sainsburys, M&S, Lloyds of London and RBS and, in September 2019, launched the Ivy House Award in pioneer schools across the country to bring this game-changing personal and professional development to sixth form students.

Through the Ivy House Award Elke and her team are on a mission to ensure that each new generation has the opportunity to live their best lives.