Exhibitor Profile – Baines Cutler Solutions – HMC Autumn Conference 2019

Stand: 44
Company Name: Baines Cutler Solutions
Contact Name: Tim Baines
Tel: 01242 806949
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.bcsconsultants.co.uk

Despite being a small firm, Baines Cutler have a reputation as the leading benchmarking specialists and advisors in finance, teacher pay and workload, fee affordability and strategy.  This reputation is built not only on our benchmarking work, but on the personal way in which we use our data to provide bespoke advice and consultancy.

We are the only consultancy firm in the sector able to provide such a service and this not only differentiates us from any other exhibitor but makes us leaders in each of our fields.  This reputation is reflected in the way HMC and ISC regularly use our work and the number of times Tim and Rhiannon are invited to speak at other sector conferences e.g. ISBA, AGBIS.

Our new teacher workload planning system and fee affordability products are proving very popular and show that we are always seeking to innovate and be sector leaders.

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