Exhibitor Profile – Baines Cutler Solutions

Baines Cutler Solutions
Stand: 14
Contact Name: Tim Baines
Tel: 07771 547229
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.bcsconsultants.co.uk
Baines Cutler Solutions provides schools with information and solutions. We are a consultancy business specialising in carrying out surveys, consultancy and advisory work for independent schools.

Our surveys provide schools with the most authoritative information available today in the areas of school finances, teacher and senior staff salaries and benefits, fee affordability and fundraising and development. Our emphasis on detailed research and continuous improvement means that our surveys are inevitably the first point of reference for schools seeking information to support and inform their business decisions.

The information we collect gives us unique insights into school finances and practices. It is this which makes us leading advisors in our chosen fields. In consultancy work we draw on our experience and, more importantly, the facts deriving from our surveys when advising any school. We understand that every school is different and therefore the solutions for each school are also different. This is what makes our work valuable and from our point of view so enjoyable.

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