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Contact Name: Barry Martin
Tel: 07947 833914
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Aleks Hulkes and Barry Martin of Courtlands Schools Pensions Consultancy offer specialist remuneration and pensions expertise to a select number of schools and educational professionals. We offer help through the pensions and tax maze towards a well-earned retirement. Aleks and Barry do all the work together and do not sub-contract.

Aleks Hulkes read Bio-Chemistry at UCL and then qualified in financial services as an IFA. He is well-known within the independent sector working directly with schools and many Heads as clients, assisting them in their retirement and financial planning.

Barry Martin is very grateful for his teacher’s pension. A Head for 21 years, HMC Treasurer for 6 years and after many governorships, he can see the issues from most perspectives. He has been qualified in financial services since 2013.
We review options for Heads and senior staff who are concerned with the challenges around remuneration and pension savings taxation. These can arise simply from success in post or change including promotion. We help Heads and their senior colleagues, and Governors, on remuneration structure and increase, retention and exit strategies, phased retirement, return to work, non-pensionable pay, opting out or moving abroad. In addition, our presentations and consultations for teaching staff on their pension arrangements have been universally valued by colleagues.
All our work comes from recommendation. Over the last 18 months we have helped some 50 schools or individual Heads as clients. We offer an expert and bespoke service for a select number of clients and will not over-extend.
Our personal clients tell us that they seek a comprehensive service of TP expertise, wealth management advice and tax accountancy to deal with often extraordinarily complex tax return issues. This has prompted us to set up a new complementary company explained below.
Directors Aleks Hulkes BSc (Hons) DipPFS and Barry Martin MA (Cantab) MBA DipPFS

Courtlands Wealth Planning Ltd

(Independent Financial Advice)

In response to requests from our clients, we have established Courtlands Wealth Planning Ltd to be able to offer independent financial advice. We also have a link with a leading Accountant.

This means we can now offer access to any or all of:

· Specialist support relating to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

· Independent Financial Advice

· A tax accountancy service.

This is therefore a full personal and comprehensive service, freeing up busy educational professionals to focus on what they do best, running their schools and getting on with their lives.

Director Aleks Hulkes BSc (Hons) DipPFS



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