Exhibitor Profile – Epic Risk Management – HMC Autumn Conference 2019

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Stand: 48
Company Name: Epic Risk Management
Contact Name: Patrick Foster
Tel:  07979382254
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.epicriskmanagement.com/ 

EPIC is established as the leading independent gambling harm-minimisation consultancy in the UK and Ireland, specialising in the identification and prevention of problematic gambling in high risk sectors.

Since conception, EPIC has accrued high profile clients across a range of sectors including Premiership Rugby, Barclays, Sodexo, Chelsea FC and Skybet. EPIC have also seen a rise in schools who are turning to us to be their trusted educators for their pupils (and staff) around this fast-growing issue including Harrow School, Tonbridge School, Eton College and Wellington College amongst others.

We believe that targeting the education sector around safer gambling and gaming is so important and schools should be taking this more and more seriously and can no longer ignore this pressing issue.

With 500,000 children, aged between 11-15, gambling weekly, and young people aged 16 to 23 three times more likely to develop a gambling problem, problem gambling amongst young people is a growing concern. In a digital age where 96% of our children and young people are thought to own a smartphone, gambling has never been more accessible to young people, making it the UK’s fastest growing societal issue faced by our younger generation.

With links to low attainment, truancy, poor mental health, anti-social behaviour and, in the extreme, criminal convictions or suicide, problem gambling among young people is not something we can ignore and longer.

EPIC is passionate about investing in young people; our bespoke in-school awareness sessions use impactful, real life stories and interactive data capture to offer students advice surrounding safer gambling, encouraging pupils to foster informed ideas.

EPIC train staff to recognise signs of problem gambling among pupils and our post-session data reports relay first-hand information relating to gambling culture within student populations, helping to simultaneously safeguard pupils and prestigious school reputations.

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