Exhibitor Profile – iSpace Wellbeing – HMC Autumn Conference 2019

iSpace Wellbeing
Stand: 106
Company Name: iSpace Wellbeing Ltd
Contact Name: Paula Talman
Tel: 07855 067647
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.ispacewellbeing.com

iSpace is the Wellbeing Curriculum for schools, giving children the tools to develop their whole selves. It provides a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing for children aged 4-11 and 11+. It delivers a structured, continuous and progressive series of solutions that empowers each child to live life ready.iSpace creates an environment where teachers, parents and healthcare professionals can have a shared understanding of our children’s wellbeing. It facilitates easy discussion and understanding between all key stakeholders in our children’s lives through a language that is clear, child-friendly and positive.

This progressive method of learning sits along each child as they move through their school years and into adulthood. Together, through this proactive approach, we can help children to live life well and to be ready for life’s challenges.

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