Exhibitor Profile – Luke Hughes – HMC Autumn Conference 2019

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Stand: 26
Company Name: Luke Hughes
Contact Name: Sophie Goodall/Josh Beach
Tel: 020 7404 5995
Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

Website: lukehughes.co.uk

We are a team of specialists who design, engineer and deliver custom furniture for notable buildings in leading private schools and universities.

Founded as an Arts & Crafts furniture maker in 1981 in London’s Covent Garden, we have evolved into the foremost furniture design and engineering practice specialising in 8 types of space:

  • Dining commons
  • Auditoria and lecture theatres
  • Libraries
  • Maker spaces
  • Public area seating
  • Private dining and seminar rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Student accommodation

Working directly with leading schools and their architects, we apply our knowledge of architecture, our expertise in designing for batch production, our network of outsourced expert makers, and our understanding of the operational needs of those who will occupy the spaces we furnish to value engineer pieces intended to last multiple generations.

Timeless design, flexibility and versatility and sustainability are central themes of our work, ensuring that spaces are easily adapted and reconfigured for decades to come.

Our clients share an understanding of the difference between price and value. They invest for the long term, which ultimately carries a lower cost and a higher return.

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